Thursday, April 10, 2014

Recent Projects

A beauty junkie, that's what I call myself. I love being surrounded by beauty, seeing others create it, and bringing some to the world myself. It's my mission in life.

Yes, I too have started a blog, about beauty, at least as I see it. It'll be mostly images.   

My first entry is about my recent design project, a line of silk scarves that I designed and have printed digitally: the Lorenz Hermsen Collection. I created this line of scarves last year, and am in the process of building an online business to sell them. Any marketing suggestions are welcome!

(I also designed my Web site, and just spent about 12 hours on the phone setting up my shop so customers can order through it with credit cards and PayPal!)

Recently, I was the featured designer on the Pattern Observer Web site, a resource for textile designers:

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